Thursday, August 9, 2012

Killosopher Apparel

I am probably known by most as the essayist, poet, and philosopher; however, in my passion for art and creativity, I recently established a new clothing and merchandise store named Killosopher Apparel. I have not only written but also for years competed in various activities under the facetious pseudonym TheKillosopher, so I feel it inevitable that a new chain of designs, a generally accessible manifestation based around that personification, is finally unfolding. In this post are images of some of the most popular Killosopher Apparel items at the moment, and the main store is currently found on Zazzle: Criss Jami | Merchandise and Killosopher Apparel.

More than a Million Words

I am well aware that this briefing regarding the anthology, More than a Million Words, is long overdo, but recently, after reading the book myself, I was then more impelled to share a word on it. The anthology features several young authors, both poets and short story writers, originally compiled by author Luke Wood. It includes 7 of my works that, prior to the release of the anthology, also appeared in Venus in Arms (2012): A Wry Face, Aesthetically Appealing, Film Noir (Trade Some Resistance), Like St. Raphael, Omnia Causa Fiunt, Slipshod Lover, and The Order of Mistakes. I also designed the book cover. The styles of each writer included are exceptionally distinguishable thus executing a diverse compilation that does not hesitate to switch tones and perspectives throughout the read. The following link is to the Amazon edition of the book: More than a Million Words.