Thursday, August 9, 2012

More than a Million Words

I am well aware that this briefing regarding the anthology, More than a Million Words, is long overdo, but recently, after reading the book myself, I was then more impelled to share a word on it. The anthology features several young authors, both poets and short story writers, originally compiled by author Luke Wood. It includes 7 of my works that, prior to the release of the anthology, also appeared in Venus in Arms (2012): A Wry Face, Aesthetically Appealing, Film Noir (Trade Some Resistance), Like St. Raphael, Omnia Causa Fiunt, Slipshod Lover, and The Order of Mistakes. I also designed the book cover. The styles of each writer included are exceptionally distinguishable thus executing a diverse compilation that does not hesitate to switch tones and perspectives throughout the read. The following link is to the Amazon edition of the book: More than a Million Words.

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